Forming and punching tools with the universal forming device

Universal-Formvorrichtung mit Formwerkzeug

Forming and punching tools with the universal forming device

The universal forming device with interchangeable forming and punching tools is a fully automatic system for the non-cutting molding of automobile exhaust pipes.

The device can be equipped with tools that are individually designed for a specific pipe type. It has the highest degree of repeatability.

Since each pipe to be processed has its own tool and this tool can be automatically transferred to the tool shelf or shelf system as a complete unit, set-up times are very short (approx. 10-15 min).

After inserting the pipe into the tool and pressing drive button, the system runs the sequence of movements automatically.

Depending on the requirements of the workpiece and the type of machining process, an individual program can be created for each component / tool.
Universal Formvorrichtung für Form- und Lochwerkzeug Hydraulikanbindung
Universal forming device with forming and
punching tool: hydraulic connection
Universal Formvorrichtung für Form- und Lochwerkzeug Rückansicht
Back view oft he universal forming device
Beispiel bearbeiteter Werkstücke
Examples of processed workpieces
The tools that are used in the universal forming device consist of an upper and a lower forming half. The shaping pipe contour is incorporated into this.

The following tools can be used:
  • Forming tools: for bending, expanding, flattening, pressing a D-shape, punching, calibrating the pipe ends to the finished size
  • Punching tools: for punching, cutting out a certain shape
  • Dual-/ Multitool: as a combination of both/ multiple types
Formwerkzeug im ausgebauten Zustand: Für die Erstellung von zwei Anplättungen in einem Arbeitshub
Forming tool in the dismantled state: For creating two flattenings in one working stroke
After the pipe has been placed in the lower half of the mold, the upper half drives down onto the workpiece and clamps it for the machining process.

For processing, the laterally arranged mandrels either grip into or over the pipe end and the deformation begins.

Easy tool change

Both mold halves are fixed in the device with four hydraulic slide-in clamping elements each.

After releasing the clamping hydraulics and disconnecting the forme cylinder, the tool can be pushed by hand over a pivoting support bracket into the receiving position for a suitable conveyor.
Lochwerkzeug im ausgebauten Zustand: Für die Lochung der zwei Anplättungen nacheinander
Punching tool when dismantled: For punching the
two flats one after the other
Rohteil für die Bearbeitung in einem Plätt- und Lochwerkzeug
Blank for machining for a forming and punching tool
Fertigteil nach der Bearbeitung in einem Plätt- und Lochwerkzeug
Finished part after processing in a forming and punching tool

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